About GoHawk

What is Gohawk?

About GoHawk

GoHawk is a unique online platform that allows travelers to search and plan their trips around the world by quickly and easily providing the most efficient flight route options available from their desired starting location to their chosen destinations and back again. By developing a proprietary algorithm and using the full database of global commercial flights, GoHawk helps open up the world to travelers like never before – independent of any commercial bias, very comprehensive, highly dynamic and incredibly fast.

The seed for GoHawk was born from the thoughts of a very well-travelled and global logistics expert – David Nightingale, who saw that despite appearances and common beliefs with flight booking companies – what’s on offer is not often what’s actually available and out there.

Hence, GoHawk is focused on readdressing that balance and with the aim to eliminate the hassle from flight planning, provide inspiration to visit new places and ultimately become the travelers’ best companion and first port of call when thinking of starting any new flight based journey.

Our mission is simple...

"To become the best and de facto flight planning tool in the world for the world"

Our Customer Charter

To always put our customers at the heart of everything we do and maintain that position with the following core values...

  • Independent
  • Inspirational
  • Innovative
  • User focused
  • Personal, Private and Confidential

The Team

David Nightingale – Chief Executive Officer
Successful entrepreneur in Oil and Gas

Jeanette Forbes – Managing Director
Successful entrepreneur in Information Technology

Martin Bädeker – Chief Technical Officer
Pioneer in travel technology platform development

Tanja Urban – Head of Project Development
Award winning project manager in travel software